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Next Generation Energy Storage

About Us

Vessyll is a clean energy storage device developed and manufactured in the USA providing instantaneous power for businesses and homes. Our proprietary energy management system seamlessly integrates with batteries and inverters.

With over three decades of combined experience in energy storage, Vessyll’s team has a deep background in batteries, supply chain and product development. We’ve come out of Tesla, Ford, GM, 3M, and National Grid to build the right product with the highest quality.

Energy Management System

Reads upcoming weather and utility outage events to store power when you need it most

Reads facility loads and manages your stored energy to maximize efficiency


Uninterruptible Power Supply. Fastest instantaneous power on the market. Reads a blackout in less than 5 milliseconds to ensure zero data loss.

Green eco friendly and save energy concept design. Ecology, solar renewable energy, solar panel, wind renewable energy, wind generator, mill, propeller

Multiple power source compatibility

Vessyll pairs with all behind the meter onsite power assets: solar, natural gas generation, wind, and the electrical grid.

Peak Power Shaving and Load Shifting

Stores low cost off peak energy and transfers this energy at peak high cost time to your facility

Reduces peak loads to reduce high cost one-time demand charges at your facility


Lithium Iron Phosphate

Safe and Durable Construction

Highest Cycle Life for Li Batteries

15 Year Warranty


Integrated UPS <5mls

Military Grade Construction

Integrated Redundancy

15 Year Warranty

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Customers and Partners

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Awards & Press


Minneapolis Pollution Innovation Award


Colusa Casino



Energy News


Award-Sept. 2023

News-June 2023

In summer of 2023, Vessyll installed Vessyll’s at the Colusa Casino in CA to assist in the transition between their large microgrid generators. Colusa currently has the nations largest operational microgrid.

Press-May 2023

Say no to blackouts

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